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Pam Yarborough

Art Pic - pam.jpg

Pam Yarborough is an artist who specializes in oils.  She loves to put history in its natural environment on canvas to preserve its character for everyone to enjoy.  Although Pam has been dabbling in art since she was a teenager, it wasn’t until after a career in graphic arts, printing, and marketing that she decided to come back to the studio and create with oils.  She paints only originals. Hence her catch phrase “BE ORIGINAL, OWN AN ORIGINAL”.  Although most of her work stems from old buildings in Texas and New Mexico that tell a story, she has some interesting pieces from all over the world and can present animals, flowers and portraits with great enthusiasm.
     As an artist, Pam has been accepted into juried shows and has won many awards for her work. Her commissioned work has kept her busy and can be found in many cities. You can currently find some of her work in the Read Fine Art Gallery in the Historic Wright Plaza at 115 S. Main Street, Cleburne, Texas.
      On the belief that art should touch your heart and create an emotion, Pam wants to help people feel and experience the art.  To quote the artist, “Art should stir your emotions, bring up memories, or just create a feeling. It’s not just a picture that hangs on the wall”.



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